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Development History and Global Market Demand for FIBC Bags

Development History: The plastic-woven FIBC (Flexible Intermediate Bulk Container) bags from China are mainly exported to Japan and South Korea, and efforts are being made to develop markets in the Middle East, Africa, the United States, and Europe.


Due to petroleum and cement production, there is a high demand for FIBC bags in the Middle East. In Africa, nearly all state-owned petroleum companies focus on developing plastic woven products, resulting in a significant demand for FIBC bags. Africa is receptive to the quality and grades of FIBC bags from China, thus opening up the market in Africa does not pose significant issues.


The quality of FIBC bags is crucial, and as such, there are strict standards for FIBC products in the international market, each with different emphases. Japan stresses details, Australia emphasizes form, and the EU standards focus on product performance and technical indicators, being concise and explicit. The United States and Europe have strict requirements for FIBC bags in terms of resistance to UV rays, aging, and safety factors, which China’s FIBC bags currently do not meet.

Post time: Jan-19-2024