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Customized Products

  • PP woven bag
  • Japanese three year Black ton bag

    Japanese three year Black ton bag

    This bag is weatherproof and the big sandbag is black. This kind of bag is very suitable for outdoor storage in factories and warehouses, and it is very practical in terms of durability. This kind of bag is more used in disaster relief sites, as well as large sandbags related to rivers and disaster civil engineering.

    The bag has high strength and weatherability, and is suitable for civil engineering and construction.

  • Jumbo bag with 4 cross corner loops

    Jumbo bag with 4 cross corner loops

    Generally, the cross corner ring is suitable for tubular bags and veneer bags. The two ends of each ribbon are sewn on two adjacent panels of the body. Each webbing crosses a corner, so it’s called cross corner loop. There are four belts on a giant bag at the corner.

    Customers can ask to sew a reinforced on the bag body between the ribbon and the body.

    If the bag is used to store powder, we can sew a layer of non-woven fabric between the bag body and the ribbon to prevent powder leakage.

  • PP Webbing

    PP Webbing

    PP webbing is an important part of jumbo bag. It can also be customized like width, denier, total vertical yarn, tensile Strength and weight(g/m).

    Width. Usually our products’ width is 50mm/70mm/100mm, 70mm is more normal than others. If you want to pack for more heavy goods you can choose 100mm width webbing.
    Color. Our color can be customized, too. Normal colors are white, beige, black. You can even add different color line on the webbing.
    Denier. Different denier match different tensile strength. It is also up to customers.
    Package method. Usually, we pack webbings 150m/200m a roll, and 3 roll/bale like below picture.

    Recycled material jumbo bag

  • Grass proof cloth

    Grass proof cloth

    The material used in the grass proof cloth is a kind of material with good air permeability and quick water seepage. Its function is to prevent the growth of weeds and prevent the roots from coming out of holes.

  • Pouch


    This kind of bag is the strongest of all. From top to bottom of the ribbon sewing, bottom seam method. “X type”, “well type” and “ten types”

    The bottom webbing and the bottom fabric bear the weight of the goods together. That’s why this kind of bag is stronger than others. The bottom stitched webbing serves to strengthen the bearing.

  • Jumbo bag with 4 Side-Seam Loops

    Jumbo bag with 4 Side-Seam Loops

    Side-seam loops jumbo bags are applicable to U-panel bag and 4 panel bag. The webbing is sewing on each side seam of the body.

    U-panel is composed of two panels of fabric like the picture. its body is connected to the bottom so that it can hold more weight of good compared with bags made of same thick fabric.

  • Tarpaulin specifications

    Tarpaulin specifications

    arpaulin can effectively insulate the temperature and rain, and has a wide range of uses. It can be used for packaging in the transportation of goods, preventing the goods from falling or rain and sunburn, and ensuring the safe delivery of goods to the destination.

  • Brown paper bag

    Brown paper bag

    Kraft paper bag is a packaging container made of composite materials or pure kraft paper. It is non-toxic, tasteless, non-polluting, low-carbon and environmentally friendly.

  • Russia HDPE Raschel Bag

    Russia HDPE Raschel Bag

    Raschel bag is a professional packaging of fresh vegetables, such as potatoes, onions, pumpkins, etc. this kind of bag will be more convenient and durable in the transportation of these foods. It is suitable for packaging weight from 5kg to 50kg. The color and size can be customized according to the needs of their own products, and the roll can also be automatically filled to meet the needs of customers.

  • Label Leno Bag

    Label Leno Bag

    Polypropylene woven leno bags are widely used in the transportation and packaging of fresh vegetables, such as potatoes, onions, garlic, peppers, peanuts, walnuts and so on. It is suitable for packaging between 5kg-50kg and can be customized to meet the needs of customers. With or without printed plastic labels (single or double) or sewn on polyethylene labels. With or without a drawstring.

    You must contact our staff before purchasing. We will customize according to your needs and deliver the goods according to the specified date.