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Specification Products

  • Jumbo bag with 4 cross corner loops

    Jumbo bag with 4 cross corner loops

    Generally, the cross corner ring is suitable for tubular bags and veneer bags. The two ends of each ribbon are sewn on two adjacent panels of the body. Each webbing crosses a corner, so it’s called cross corner loop. There are four belts on a giant bag at the corner.

    Customers can ask to sew a reinforced on the bag body between the ribbon and the body.

    If the bag is used to store powder, we can sew a layer of non-woven fabric between the bag body and the ribbon to prevent powder leakage.

  • Japanese three year Black ton bag

    Japanese three year Black ton bag

    This bag is weatherproof and the big sandbag is black. This kind of bag is very suitable for outdoor storage in factories and warehouses, and it is very practical in terms of durability. This kind of bag is more used in disaster relief sites, as well as large sandbags related to rivers and disaster civil engineering.

    The bag has high strength and weatherability, and is suitable for civil engineering and construction.

  • Israeli sandbag

    Israeli sandbag

    Sandbags are mainly used to pack sand. The sizes of sandbags commonly used by Israeli customers are 55*55*80CM, 57*57*80CM, 60*60*80CM. This kind of bag has low price and good load-bearing capacity, which can greatly save the cost of packaging and transportation. It is very popular among customers in the sand and gravel industry.