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FIBC Safety Factor (SF)

FIBC Safety Factor (SF)

    In our work, we often see the description of safety factor mentioned in customer inquiries. For example, 1000kg 5:1, 1000kg 6:1, etc. are more common. This is already the standard for the introduction of FIBC products. Although the matching term is just a few characters, different data requirements are of key significance to our quotation and product inspection standards, as well as the final use process of customers.
    To understand the safety factor of the container bag, first of all, let’s understand the safe working load (SWL) of the container bag, which is generally the basic requirement put forward by the customer according to its use situation, that is, the maximum load capacity of the container bag; safety The factor (SF) is obtained by dividing the final test load in the cyclic ceiling test by the quotient of SWL, that is to say, if the customer intends to load the FIBC with 1000kg cargo, if the safety factor is 5:1, we will The designed bag should be at least 5000kg unbroken in the ceiling test.

    In actual order and production, we commonly have the following three safety factor SF requirements:
1. Disposable FIBC: SWL 5:1
2. Standard reusable FIBC: SWL 6:1
3. Heavy Duty Reusable FIBC: SWL 8:1

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    We can recommend and provide products and services that meet the requirements for customers based on these relatively mature international standards.
    So, how to ensure and realize these safety factors, which requires our factory to realize according to scientific design, excellent product quality and strict inspection, and often some experienced factories can optimize product structure and customize materials professionally. In order to improve the cost performance of products, we can control the manufacturing cost to the maximum extent on the basis of ensuring the safety factor.

Post time: May-29-2023