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How to judge the quality of a conductive container bag

When it comes to conductive container bags, they can be seen everywhere in our life, and they can be divided into many kinds. Everyone is concerned about the quality of conductive container bags. So, how to distinguish the quality of conductive container bags? Now let’s share with you the material characteristics of conductive container bags. In order to improve the application scope of our container bags, understand the product characteristics of container bags, and learn how to distinguish the quality is very important.

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The full name of flexible conductive container bag is also called big bag and ton packing bag. The utility model relates to a flexible packaging container, which is a large capacity transport bag made of soft materials such as foldable adhesive tape, resin processing cloth, etc. In general, polypropylene or polyethylene is used as the main raw material, which is taken out for film-forming, cutting, stretching, knitting, cutting and sewing. This kind of packing is not only helpful to improve the loading and unloading efficiency, especially suitable for the packing of bulk powdery and granular goods, but also helps to promote the standardization and serialization of the packing of bulk goods, reduce the transportation cost, and has the advantages of convenient packing and storage, and low cost.

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Characteristics of conductive container bag:


1. It has enough structural strength, convenient loading and unloading operation, adapts to mechanized loading and unloading, uses overweight machine or forklift to transport goods, improves work efficiency.

2. The packing bag has good material barrier and structure sealing. Moisture, debris and dust are not easy to mix in, which has a good protective effect on the product. It is light in weight, soft in quality, strong in strength, resistant to acid and alkali corrosion, moisture-proof and non leakage. Suitable for packing powder, flake and granular solid products, easy to transport and store.

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3. Generally, conductive container bags do not need pallets, which greatly saves the packaging cost.

4. Conductive container bags can be transported to end users in the form of flat, folded bundles, and folded and rotated after unloading, which only takes up a small storage space, making the use of container bags more convenient and economical

Post time: May-10-2021