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How to keep woven bags reasonably

There are strict requirements for the storage and management of woven bags. Yantai Zhensheng plastic products Co., Ltd. will introduce to us the following requirements:

First, when the woven bag is finished, it will be put into the warehouse. At this time, the quality of the woven bag should be controlled to ensure that the pattern of the woven bag will not be deformed or damaged when it is made, and whether there is any problem with the stitching at all places should be checked.

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Second, all kinds of woven bags should be classified and stored according to time, variety, specification and quality, indicating the time, variety and specification. This is not only convenient for storage, but also convenient for delivery and finding.

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Third, when storing woven bags, it is necessary to keep them clean, big but not small, heavy but not light, whole but not zero, and regularly clean the storage site. If the storage time is too long, problems occur during regular inspection, and quality problems should be handled in time.

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Fourth, plastic woven bags should be stored in a cool, dry warehouse. It is strictly forbidden to be exposed to direct sunlight. Long time exposure will make woven bags more durable.

Post time: May-10-2021