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How to realize recycling of lime powder ton bag

Taking polypropylene as the main raw material, adding a small amount of stable seasoning, melting and extruding plastic film with extruder, cutting, then stretching and heat setting, PP short fiber with high toughness and low elongation is made, and raw materials such as textile needle punched non-woven fabric, laminating cloth and plastic woven bag are used to make ton bag.

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The double shaft knife roller double crushing structure is adopted in the ton bag breaking machine, which is specially designed for solving various soft plastic materials. Ton bag breaking machine is mainly used for breaking film, packing bag, ton bag, packing bag, fishing net, textile, chemical fiber and other flexible materials.


Management mechanism:

In view of the particularity of the waterproof roll, the structure of the double axis knife roll is designed, which reasonably solves the problems of the traditional double axis crusher, such as waterproof roll, knife connecting and material clamping, and further improves the crushing efficiency and product quality. The raw material enters the crushing chamber, and according to the high-speed operation of the cutter and the fixed cutter, the tearing drilling is completed to achieve the actual effect of crushing. The built-in straight knife can avoid the material winding and connecting with the blade. The edge material passes through the sieve and is transported to the next production and processing process.

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Lime powder is a kind of milky white powdery chemical substance with calcium bicarbonate as the main component. It is widely used in construction industry, namely industrial grade calcium bicarbonate. The second is calcium bicarbonate, which is widely used as a common calcium supplement.

In order to facilitate transportation, some manufacturing enterprises will pack the lime powder in large bags. Since the purpose of packaging is to facilitate transportation, it will undoubtedly carry out unpacking, dumping and secondary production and processing. What customers want is a kind of equipment that can unpack and pour materials without damaging the bags?

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In order to avoid the damage of large bags in the whole process of disassembly and unloading, our company has developed a lime powder plastic woven bag unloading machine which can choose the manual disassembly method. Gray powder packaging machine has changed the previous way of bag removal, and upgraded the automatic cutting equipment to manual bag removal based on the practical use of dialog box. The design scheme prevents the damage of cutting tools to the material bag, ensures the application of material bag utilization ring, reduces the company’s capital investment, and produces certain economic benefits.

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The manual unpacking machine also has the environmental protection function of cleaning and unpacking. In addition to manual bag removal, other operation processes have basically completed the automation technology. The electric stove will send the material bag into the main box of the sealing equipment, and the bag will be removed and poured in the closed natural environment, so that all kinds of powdery materials are not easy to cause environmental pollution to the natural environment of the production workshop. In addition, the embedded ash removal and adsorption equipment can centrally absorb the dust in the main box, so as to ensure the safety of the equipment The equipment shall be kept clean during continuous operation.

In addition, our company also carries out the non calibration production of lime powder ton bag unpacking machine. In addition to preserving the original equipment characteristics, we can also design and improve the equipment structure, function loss, operation mode, unpacking mode, raw materials and other aspects according to the needs of customers, so as to make the equipment meet the expectations of customers. If you are still upset, you can visit the enterprise.

Post time: May-10-2021