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Pressure and drop test of Container bag

Before using the Container bag, we must ensure that its quality is qualified and its performance meets the requirements. Let’s take a look at its pressure and drop test method.

Pressure and drop test of Container bag (1)

During the pressure test, it is necessary to put the full load Container bag on the pressure machine for pressure test, which is four times of the full load weight of the Container bag added by the pressure machine, or adopt the static load method, that is, the self weight of the four layer full load bag, and the pressure time is more than eight hours. If the contents do not overflow and the bag body is not damaged, it means that the Container bag has passed the test. In the drop test, the full load Container bag is lifted by lifting equipment, the bottom of the bag is more than 0.8m above the ground, and then it falls vertically to the hard and flat ground at one time. If there is no overflow of the contents and the Container bag body is not damaged, it means that it has passed the test.

Pressure and drop test of Container bag (2)

When filling, align the opening of the Container bag with the opening of the filling funnel and tie it tightly to avoid the leakage of dust or particles. Container bags are usually lifted up for filling, and pallets are placed under them to facilitate the full loading and pulling away.

Post time: May-10-2021