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Quality standard of conductive container bag

Bags are widely used in our daily life. In addition to being used in our daily life, many bags will be widely used in production. Different bags will be used in our daily life. Some industries will consider using conductive container bags. This product is different from some other bags, and the quality requirements are also very high in production . Let’s introduce the quality standard of conductive container bag.

Quality standard of conductive container bag (2)

Quality standard of conductive container bag


Production is required. The appearance should be beautiful, no thread ends, no damage, container bag printing pattern clear, accurate position. The parts shall be free of defects, peculiar smell, base cloth, and the coating shall be firm without floating film. Sewing requirements: reinforced cloth, cover cloth, chrysanthemum mouth, no silk off, hot melt. Sew chrysanthemum shaped mouth reinforcing cloth, 3cm for the string part, 2cm for the remaining part, and 10cm for the cover cloth. The feeding and discharging ports are jointed with the top and bottom, and the stitches inside press the top.

Quality standard of conductive container bag (1)

The inner circle mark at the bottom of the container bag manufacturer shall not be overstepped. When sewing the second seam, it is about 0.5cm away from the first seam, and no overlapping is allowed. The main seam is under the sling, 3cm in width, with 3 seams. The belt, rope head and label of the feeding and discharging outlets are on the same axis. The quality inspection number, re inspection number and sewing number on the label should be clear. It is folded according to the specification and size, and the appearance is neat and beautiful. The lock should be flat. The cover should be flat. It’s important to tie the outlet. The head of reinforcing rope is 10-15cm, slightly tightening.

Post time: May-10-2021