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Standard for antistatic Container bags

When we go to the market to buy anti-static container bag products, we definitely want to buy products. We need to take the products up and have a look, just like buying clothes. Many times, we can see the quality of clothes through the appearance. Of course, we can also see the quality of anti-static container bag through the appearance. Today we are going to introduce the standard of antistatic container bag.

Standard for antistatic Container bags (1)

Standard for antistatic Container bags

The inner bag of anti-static container bag has good transparency, no impurities, black spots on the surface, firm heat sealing, no air leakage, damaged image, etc. the effective size is + 1cm to – 2cm, the sewing size is ± 1cm according to the requirements of the process sheet, and the needle pitch is 0.7-0.9cm/needle. The starting and stopping needles of the anti-static container bag manufacturer must overlap 5cm on the same suture line (the stop needle presses the starting needle), the starting needle of the reinforced cloth is on the upper left, the suture line and the distance from the edge are 1cm, and the starting needle of the sewing material bag is 1cm away from the edge, and the starting needle knocks down the needle. Use sewing thread according to the requirements.

Standard for antistatic Container bags (2)

There shall be no overlap, leakage, floating thread, missing buckle, lower Kang, etc. on the sewing thread. The tightness of the upper and lower lines shall be the same. The length of sewing thread end shall not exceed 1.5cm. The seam between the main body and the bottom should be double folded. Three threads should be sewed with a width of about 2cm. No obvious folds are allowed. The threads are even and do not overlap. The needle stops pressing the needle. The sewing thread of sling is 0.5cm away from the edge, 1cm away from the sling head, and the main sling should be evenly divided.

Standard for antistatic Container bags (3)

Only in line with our introduction of these contents can be regarded as an anti-static container bag. You can think about it when you buy it. Now there are many manufacturers producing anti-static Container bags, and the competition among enterprises is also very big. Enterprises want to better development, in addition to ensuring the quality, the price should also be affordable, of course, innovation is an indispensable part.

Post time: May-10-2021