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The characteristics and functions of grass-proof fabric

1. Prevent weeds from being produced on the ground. Because the ground cloth can prevent the direct sunlight (especially black ground cloth) on the ground, and at the same time use the solid structure of the ground cloth itself to prevent weeds from passing through the ground cloth, thus ensuring the inhibiting effect of the ground cloth on the growth of weeds.


2. Remove the water on the ground in time and keep the ground clean. The drainage performance of the ground cloth ensures the rapid discharge of surface water, and the pebble layer and the medium sand layer under the ground cloth can effectively inhibit the reverse osmosis of soil particles, thus ensuring the cleanliness of the ground cloth surface.


3. It is beneficial to the growth of plant roots and prevents root rot. This effect also comes from the weaving and laying structure of the ground cloth, which can ensure that the roots of the crops do not accumulate water, so that the air in the roots has a certain fluidity, thereby preventing the roots from rotting.

4. Prevent
Stop the extra growth of the root of the potted flower and improve the quality of the potted flower. When potted flowers are produced on the ground cloth, the ground cloth can prevent the root system of the crops in the pot from penetrating the bottom of the pot and digging into the ground, thereby ensuring the quality of the potted flowers.

5. It is beneficial to cultivation management. Most of the ground fabrics are woven with one-way or two-way marking lines. When placing flowerpots or arranging cultivation substrates in the greenhouse or outdoors, they can be accurately arranged according to these marking lines.

Post time: Jun-22-2022