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The design of Container bags needs to be seen

The design of Container bags shall strictly comply with GB / t10454-2000 national standard. As an export package, Container bags should effectively protect the loaded goods and transport the goods to the destination in the process of loading, unloading, transportation and storage. Therefore, the design of container bag meets the four key points: storage, use and sealing.

The design of Container bags needs to be seen (1)


Should be based on the user’s use conditions, reasonable selection of materials, reasonable ratio. The ability of plastic products to be exposed to the sun is a concern, which is also a common problem in the actual use of Container bags. Pay attention to the use of anti violet agent and the selection of materials in the production process.

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In the design of Container bags, the specific ways and methods of customers using Container bags should be fully considered, such as lifting, transportation mode, loading material performance, etc. In addition, we also need to consider whether it is food packaging and whether it is harmless to the packaged food.

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Different packaging materials have different sealing requirements. Such as powder or toxic substances, afraid of contamination of the material on the sealing performance requirements are very strict, easy to damp or mildew materials on the air tightness also has special requirements. Therefore, in the design of Container bags, attention should be paid to the influence of base cloth laminating process and sewing process on the sealing performance.

Post time: May-10-2021