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The raw matierials of PP Woven Bag

What problems should be paid attention to in the processing of pp woven bag raw materials?

The preparation and drying of the raw materials in the woven bag may affect the clarity of the product due to the presence of any impurities in the plastic. Therefore, in the process of storage, transportation and feeding, we must pay attention to its airtightness to ensure the cleanliness of the raw materials. What problems should be paid attention to in the processing of woven bag raw materials?


If the raw material of the woven bag contains moisture, it will deteriorate after heating, so it must be dried, and the drying hopper must be used to feed the material during injection molding. Also note that during the drying process, the incoming air is filtered and dehumidified to ensure that it does not contaminate the raw materials.

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Finally, pay attention to the cleaning of the barrel, screw and accessories. In order to prevent the contamination of raw materials and the presence of old materials or impurities in the grooves of screws and accessories, especially resins with poor thermal stability. Therefore, all parts should be cleaned with a spiral cleaner before use and after shutdown, so that they are not stuck by impurities. When there is no screw cleaner, you can use PE, PS and other resins to clean the screws.


Post time: Nov-29-2022