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The role of onion mesh bags

Mesh bags are very common in daily life. You can see them in supermarkets or vegetable markets. I believe many people will ask whether mesh bags are more expensive or plastic bags are more expensive. Today, I will introduce it well.

1. What is a mesh bag

In a narrow sense, mesh bags refer to vegetable mesh bags, such as screen mesh bags (for beans, edamame, bullfrog, seeds. Turtle, garlic), flat wire mesh bags (for potatoes, onions, corn, sweet potatoes, radishes). In a broad sense, as long as there are mesh pockets, they belong to mesh bags.

2. Types and materials of mesh bags



There are quite a wide variety of mesh bags. The mesh bags are divided into small mesh bags and large mesh bags. Small mesh bags refer to mesh bags used to pack a small amount of items, such as “grapefruit, toys, cosmetics”, and large mesh bags refer to large-sized mesh bags. Mesh bags such as “round silk screen mesh bag, flat silk mesh bag”

Mesh bags are generally made of plastics such as polyethylene or polypropylene. There are also many kinds of materials, including recycled granules, new materials, and materials mixed with the two.

Mesh bags are generally used for holding items, and mesh bags are also used to filter water in restaurants, and mesh bags are used to cover growing fruits and saplings. Flat wire mesh bags can cover blowing sand and earthwork.


Third, the use of mesh bags

1. There has always been a tradition of breeding bullfrogs and soft-shelled turtles in southern my country. Due to the large water content of aquatic products, they should be packaged and transported in well-permeable bags, so the soft-shelled turtle net bags came into being.

2. The beans and edamame that are often eaten from the north of our country are very common, but we have seen how the beans are transported, that is, they are packaged in mesh bags through screen windows, and then transported to our city.

3. The flat wire mesh bag is the vegetables we often see in the vegetable wholesale market with potatoes, onions, kohlrabi and radishes.



Post time: Apr-11-2022