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Ton bag customization

The weight of the container bag is 0.5-3T, the volume is 500-2300L, and the volume is 5:1 and 6:1, which can be designed according to user needs.


According to the type of goods, it is divided into two categories: bulk container bags and small-package container bags, which can be used for one-time use or recycled.


According to the shape of the jumbo bag, it is divided into three categories: round, square and U-shaped.


The hoisting structure includes top hanging, side hanging and bottom hanging, usually with a feeding port.

Suitable for 90*90*95cm 90*90*115cm 90*110*110cm

Therefore, the woven bag manufacturer must design a grounding film in the container bag. Of course, when the container bag is suspended during use, the conductive wire of the sling also plays a grounding role. When loading, the stacking and unloading remain square Container bag vertical type  Compared with other packaging, it does not need to be repackaged. Generally, container bags do not need pallets, which greatly saves packaging costs.


Post time: Nov-21-2022