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Types of FIBC fabrics and bags

Different types of FIBC:
With inner lining: polyethylene (LDPE) multilayer laminated inner lining, stitched or glued, used for safe storage of highly hygroscopic materials. Sealed stitching: sealed stitched for storing dusty materials. Imprint: one or two can be provided as required One or three colors of stable Q-bags (Q-bags): Equipped with inner lining, so that FIBC bags can maintain their rectangular parallelepiped shape even after being filled. It ensures excellent storage and efficient transportation. Coated FIBC bag: laminated with polyethylene to prevent moisture and dust from entering the food-grade bag: with food-grade lining to extend the shelf life of the product. Uncoated bag: excellent breathing performance

ton bag Bulk bags or bulk bag fabrics are all about controlling static electricity, which is an imbalance of charges inside or on the surface of a material. When the bulk bag is quickly filled and discharged, the flow motion of the fine powder materialcan cause static electricity to accumulate. In the packaging of flammable or combustible materials or in environments where combustible dust may be present, it is important to remove or prevent charging.

Post time: Oct-18-2021