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What fields can ton bags be used in

With the need of our cargo transportation, more and more ton bags of fine chemicals are used around us. The use of these tonnage bags greatly facilitates the transportation of our goods, and can also play a very good role in protecting the goods transported. However, many of our goods still have high requirements for the quality of tonnage bags. Only the purchased tonnage package is reliable, can it play a better role. Next, let’s learn how to identify the quality of these ton bags. I hope you can understand.

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T-bag is a kind of container for transporting products through flexible management. It has the advantages of moisture-proof, dust-proof, radiation resistance and safety. In the design of the ton bag, we understand the loading and the weight of the goods, and determine the volume of the ton bag according to the cost proportion of the materials. It also depends on whether the loading material information is sharp and solid block material. The anti-aging function of sewing thread and the influence of sewing needle on the tensile strength of base cloth should be considered continuously. When packaging powder, toxic and items that are afraid of purification, it is necessary to improve the sealing structure of the treatment system. Therefore, in the practical design, thick thread and fine needle are selected for the ton bag or non-woven fabric is used to sew together with the base cloth to improve the sealing performance. In addition, when sewing ton bags, polyester thread with working strength of more than 18kg should be selected to ensure that its sewing strength has reached the national standard.

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When we buy these ton bags, we still have to choose the right ton bags according to the transportation needs of our products, so as to achieve better transportation effect, just like many foods have to choose these ton bags when they are transported.

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The application field of ton bag is really wide. I hope that according to its strength and quality, ton bag can bring us more and more economic benefits.

Post time: May-10-2021