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What kind of woven bags can’t be purchased

Nowadays, woven bagss have been distributed in people’s lives. For example, a package of rice is a color printing woven bags. The quality of woven bagss is good and not easy to break. Many people buy woven bagss to put some things and so on. Some woven bagss are disposable. When the woven bagss are used up, we want to buy them. Which kind of waste plastic woven bagss can’t be bought

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Class I: plastic woven bagss containing toxic, oxidizing or corrosive chemicals. After long-term storage of chemicals in this kind of plastic woven bagss, the chemicals will enter into the molecular gaps of plastics and are difficult to remove.

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The second category: woven bagss for printing and dyeing and other raw materials. The reasons are similar to those above.

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From this point of view, the waste plastic woven bagss with pungent taste and toxic and harmful chemical raw materials must be made clear whether they can be produced or purchased, otherwise the gain is not worth the loss.

Post time: May-10-2021