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Why is plastic container bags antistatic

According to CLC and IEC standards, antistatic capacitor bags are widely used. In addition to flammable and explosive materials, anti-static conductive capacitor bag must be used when using low ignition energy materials in workplace.

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Antistatic fabric is a kind of antistatic fabric formed by polypropylene or polyethylene monofilament and conductive wire with calcium carbonate, which has strong wear resistance, good waterproof performance and no pollution and damage to air and human body. The tensile strength of the product is also very high, which can also prevent the damage of goods (electronic devices, electronic equipment, chemicals, inflammables, etc.) and personal injury.

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After the customer orders the goods, they need a suitable packing bag, so that the goods can be transported to the customer without loss. Therefore, only the proper packaging can be ensured.

Post time: May-10-2021