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You need to learn these knowledge points of color printing woven bag

In the production process of color printing woven bags, coating is an indispensable important process, and it is also a link prone to mistakes. Therefore, in order to ensure the production quality of color printing woven bags, it is very important to master the relevant coating technology. The following woven bag manufacturers will rely on years of production experience to sort out some knowledge about color printing woven bag coating. If you have different opinions, please call to supplement.

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As far as possible, it should be aligned with the middle of the cot before winding the cloth, and the two ends of the cot should be coated with silicone oil before feeding the color printing woven bag. When picking up and laying down cloth, the synchronous speed should be reduced to less than 30 m / min. before picking up cloth, pinch roll first and don’t forget to stick the tape. After receiving cloth, make sure that the cloth edge is aligned with the polarizing eye, and then lift the pinch roll to receive new cloth. If the width of cloth changes, you need to observe the cloth edge and adjust the die edge. Before receiving cloth, the speed is slightly slow. After receiving cloth, before the double-layer joint enters the corona, turn off the corona machine first. After the double-layer joint enters the compound roll, lift the edge cutter and turn on the blower. After the joint, cut and close the edge.

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Woven bag manufacturer

When the joint is finished, change the roll in time, and adjust the trimming width as soon as possible before the first shift of driving, and before the end of leading cloth to connect the color printing woven bag. Adjust the tension of feeding and winding, temperature of preheating roller, corona voltage and coating speed ratio. The temperature of the cooling roller is low and the speed should not be higher than 35 m / min. before driving, close the water inlet of the cooling roller, wait for the temperature on the surface of the cooling roller, and then open the cooling water valve. Control the surface temperature of cooling roll (40 ~ 50 ℃), adjust the tension of unwinding and rewinding, avoid bell mouth and waste color printing woven bag in rewinding, and touch the bell twice. Rewinding shall be marked with paper strip to remind the next process, including defective and waste products such as missing coating, blistering, diaphragm split, broken edge, etc.

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If the flatness of the color printing woven bag is poor and lotus leaf appears, adjust the delivery tension higher. Before winding, first confirm the length and short of the end face and core iron tube of the cloth roll; after loading, observe the position of the cloth roll and try to be close to the middle of the cot. If there is too much deviation in the middle, it should be rolled down and turned around in time. In order to prevent the deviation from being corrected due to the correct stroke in place, the corona machine, preheating and cooling roll water valve should be closed in time when returning the car for some reason during the coating process. Open the woven bag one by one after entering the car. If serious ruffles appear in the woven bag, do not put it on the operation surface for correction. Appropriately increase the unwinding tension. After the roll diameter of the color printing woven bag is smaller, the tension should be released. When changing the specification, the surface of the cots and rollers should be decontaminated first, and the dust on the outer skin of the packaging bag should be cleaned before the coating material is poured into the mixer. During the mixing process, the coating shall be kept clean to avoid dust entering the hopper. Oil shall be injected into the gas source triad regularly, and oil shall be dropped into the friction wheel and pneumatic track daily

Post time: May-10-2021