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Selection of drawing masterbatch of mesh bag

Vegetables are necessary food in our daily life, vegetables with mesh bags to bring convenience to transportation, vegetable mesh bag market usage is very large, mesh bag color master batch demand is also more and more, mesh bag is about divided into flat screen bag and round screen bag, round wire is thinner than flat wire, a little like the feeling of fishing mesh wire.

Vegetable mesh bag selection of brushed master batch should pay attention to what?


The first color, good brushed color master grain color is very bright, shiny, made into mesh bags to carry vegetables give people the feeling is particularly fresh and clean, so that the quality of vegetables to improve a level of feeling.


The second best master batch is continuous silk, not starting point, some mesh bag drawing, especially the round silk is particularly fine, the master batch selection is improper in the production process is easy to break the wire, resulting in slow production speed, so we should choose good dispersion master batch.

The third amount of province, in the production we always add the amount of color master batch per hundred kilograms of raw materials to express the amount of color master batch, many friends to buy the first question is the price, the production of color master batch for so many years I still suggest a comprehensive consideration, the price and the amount of addition should be compared, you will find that the price is high and the amount is less, the cost will be lower.


The mesh bag produced by the fourth best color master batch has soft feel and tenacity. The carrier of this color master batch is related to the carrier of the mesh bag, which needs to be determined by testing.

Fifth safety and environmental protection, mesh bag is a direct contact with food packaging, so food safety should also be taken into account, the selection of color master batch should conform to the provisions of food safety.


Well, the above is a small series of vegetable bag selection of color master batch skills, hope to be helpful to the production of mesh bag friends, of course, this kind of color master batch can be used for vegetable mesh bag, used in the cover of soil mesh, plastic woven bags and so on, there is no problem.



Post time: Dec-14-2022